An alternate universe where Zeebo and friends hunt for portals to our earth.

Easy to play, impossibly difficult to master genre-bending precision platforming in Zeebo’s surreal dream!

Addictively easy to play. Impossible to master. Fun competitive multiplayer.

Nine different gameplay mechanics that morph Zeebo with several difficulty levels each.

Bizarre and surreal creations, events, and characters.

Dig into Zeebo’s life by exploring his bedroom.

Collect trophies and entries for the compendium to analyze his dreams in the dream journal.

What more do you want? More fails? More than 99? Done.

Steam Soon Soon Soon

99 Fails Lite
Dash your way through Zeebo's weird dream in glorious 2D!

Anyone can play it, no one can master it.

Regular 99 mode and diabolical 666 mode for the daredevils.

A bunch of surreal entities and events to ruin your mojo.

9 Difficulties. 99 level-ups. Collectibles. And more!

Super fun multiplayer up to 4 players. Race your friends! (Steam only, currently)

Lots of fails. More than 99, surely.